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Our Staff


Colleen - Customer Service Representative

Colleen is one of our client care specialists.  She has always had a love of animals and has a passion for helping others and their pets. After going to school in West Virginia she decided that working with animals was her passion and then started here with us. In her free time she enjoys traveling, and being with her three cats, Macy, Merle, and Malley. Merle and Malley were adopted from our hospital after being brought to us as feral kittens. She enjoys getting to know all of our clients and hopes that everyone has a great experience here and leaves with happy and healthy pets.

Elizabeth B. - Surgical Coordinator

Beth has always had a love for animals, whether it was herping for toads and turtles in the backyard to riding horses on a family friend's farm, but she officially entered the animal care field in 2019 when she worked at a kennel helping with reception, animal care and pet training. From there she decided to transfer her skills and knowledge to the medical field. She now is attending school to be certified as a Veterinary Practice Manager through the American Animal Hospital Association's Veterinary Medical Institute. When she isn't scheduling surgeries at VOSC, she loves playing music and running with her two huskies, Aspen and Shiloh or tending to her grandmother's senior cat, Rex.  

Dr. Brenda Taddeo DVM - Sully Animal Hospital - Centreville, VA

Elizabeth D. - Customer Service Representative


I am a military wife for the last 30 years and have moved about every 2 to 4 years with my husband and our two children.  We moved to Virginia last May after spending 4 years in Colorado Springs. I have always loved animals especially cats since I was very young.  While living in north Carolina I worked at the local shelter and helped to save over 200 kittens which were sent to rescue groups.  When we moved to Colorado I decided to see what working at an office was like and quickly enjoyed that as well.  We moved to Virginia in June and after taking some time to settle and visit family up north I decided it was time to get back to the animals.  I have 2 cats currently as well as a black lab all of which were rescued from shelters.  When I am not working or traveling to NH I enjoy refinishing furniture and hunting for antiques.


Emma - Veterinary Assistant

Emma is one of our wonderful veterinary assistants! As a Child, she watched Animal Planet constantly and knew a career in animal healthcare was in her future. She received her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Virginia Tech in the Spring of 2018 and she’s been with us ever since. On her days off, she loves to find pinterest projects, acquire new hobbies, bake all kinds of food for her loved ones, and hang with her favorite furry pal, Murphy. Emma adopted Murphy from A Forever Home Rescue Foundation during the summer of 2019 and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Hannah - Veterinary Assistant

Hannah grew up in Portland, Oregon surrounded by many furry friends and always knew she wanted to work with animals. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2019 with a degree in Biology, and moved to Washington DC after working as a veterinary assistant for a couple of years with the aim of attending Veterinary School. In her spare time Hannah enjoys seeing live music, painting, and spending time with her three rescue cats.

Brianna - Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Technician

Shannon - BS LVT, Owner Solace LVT Services LLC

I am Shannon Robinson, rLVT and I have been a part of Sully Animal Hospital since September, 2020. I am originally from upstate NY and earned my bachelor's in environmental biology (wildlife) before starting my career in veterinary medicine in 2000. My experience has been in general practice, exotics, hospital management, and specialty medicine. My passion is in senior wellness, helping pets live their best lives in their golden years, as well as business development. In my free time, you can find me hiking the local trails with my husband and German Shorthaired Pointer, Bella.