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The entire mammary chain containing the tumor, along with the maximum possible margin of tissue surrounding it and beneath it, is surgically removed. (In dogs, occasionally only a portion of the mammary chain is removed, depending on the specific type of tumor. In cats, the entire mammary chain is typically removed). The subcutaneous tissues and skin are then sutured. In patients who have tumors in both the right and left mammary chains, simultaneously removing both sides is rarely possible since it usually would create excessive tension on the incision. So, one mammary chain is removed initially, and 2 weeks later, the opposite mammary chain can be removed.

Mammary tumors are common tumors in female dogs and cats, especially felines and canines that were not spayed or perhaps were spayed later in life. Veterinary mastectomy can be a lifesaving procedure for your dog or cat. Contact the Veterinary Outpatient Surgical Center and we will help remove cancerous growths and prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of your pet.


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